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Residential Water Heater Facts and Figures

It should come as no big surprise to learn of the innovation that allows for fan-assisted toxin emission systems on gas water heaters. The heater has an additional pipe on the side through which water is supplied in a cold state. Interestingly, you will find that the purpose of the network of pipes and faucets in a gas powered water heater is to bring the heated water to the appliances at the conclusion of the heating process in the tank.

Another type of the water heater however does not have a tank.The network of pipes in this case is the link between a series of burners and the valve that supplies hot water to the faucet or appliance. Expect to encounter variations in operation between the regular and the tankless water heater.

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As long as water enters into the system, a tankless water heater will produce an endless output of hot water. You will find that the gas needed to run the tankless version is surprisingly less. The repeated cycling of water through the series of burners has the effect of heating the water at a slower rate than the other type of gas water heater.

Holding water is not one of the functions of a tankless heater, as the water only passes through it for heating en route to the now open faucet. The water is instead routed to the faucets and appliances that are in need of the heated water.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • A tempering valve mixes enough cold water with the hot from the heater to keep the outgoing water temperature fixed, often set to 50 C.
  • A common arrangement where hot-water space heating is employed is for the boiler to also heat potable water giving a continuous supply of DHW without any extra equipment required.

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