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Heating the Water In Your Home

Water heaters work by infusing water with heat energy. The principle of operation of the water heater is simply that of heat transfer from a source to a sink, where the water acts as the sink, and the gas is the source of energy. Nine out of ten water heaters run on natural gas. Ready-made energy like electricity can be used to run a water heater, as can organic propane.

Electricity and propane fail to match the input to output ratio of natural gas as fuels for water heaters. By holding water in its tank and taking heat from the burner below the tank, the water heater warms it. By installing a valve on a wall, the amount of gas getting into the heater can be controlled, hence regulating the heat that gets into the water.  

The design of the heater allows for the presence of a thermostat to sort of keep an eye on the temperature right inside the device. Initiating the heating is done by a spark. A close look at a gas grill will reveal a similar process.

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The vent rids the water heater of toxic emissions created at the burner to maintain an improved performance. The roof of the heater is fitted with a PVC pipe that completes the venting system.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • In some countries district heating is a major source of water heating.
  • In general, the more insulation on a water heater tank the better, since it reduces standby heat loss.

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