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Residential Water Heater Facts and Figures

The water heater is a device that is used for the purpose of heating water to convenient temperatures. With the aid of heat from a burner, the heater raises water to higher than room temperature in a way similar to fire boiling water. A lot of energy is stored up in natural gas but only a fraction of it is needed to power the device used to heat water. Do not assume that only natural gas can be used for raising the temperature of water by a heater.

The least expensive fuel for water heating purposes is however natural gas. Water is held in the tank of the heater and its temperature is altered by the heated burner beneath the tank. Water can be warmed only after gas has been infused through the channel located on the wall called a valve.  

Fuel taken into the water heater can be regulated by a thermostat located inside the tank directly in contact with the water so as to be able to detect the variations in temperature and perform its function by relaying this information to the gas valve. The burner in a gas water heater is able to heat up because of a spark that is ignited by a pilot light. Water heaters may have been designed after the order of a gas grill if one were to base one’s conclusions on the similarity of their spark ignition systems.

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A venting system collects used up and harmful gas emissions to be expelled To complete the vent is the PVC pipe seated firmly on the roof, receiving and discharging the used up fumes.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Since a tankless water heater is inactive when hot water is not being used, they may be incompatible with hot water recirculation systems.
  • In certain parts of South America as well as Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, a point of use style water heater commonly referred to as the "Electric Shower Head" is used in many residential and some commercial installations.

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