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Heating the Water In Your Home

Due to the need to raise and maintain the temperature of water for specific purposes, the water heater was invented. It functions in much the same way as boiling water in a pot on a stove. A lot of energy is stored up in natural gas but only a fraction of it is needed to power the device used to heat water. Propane is a highly volatile gas that imitates the combustion properties of natural gas, while electricity generated sufficiently can power anything, hence both are options with which to run a water heater if one were to run out of natural gas.

Due to the abundance of the resource, natural gas beats out the likes of electricity and propane at cost price with respect to the output of heated water. The water in the tank is warmed up by the heating element known as a burner sequestered under the tank. Attached to the wall is a valve that can be opened to let in gas to the heater, or closed to stop the flow.  

Designed for the sole purpose of heat regulation, a thermostat comes with the heater, fitted into the tank to sense temperature changes and cut off gas flow when the heat approaches dangerous levels. Initiating the heating is done by a spark. Gas grills are ignited in much the same way.

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Toxic emissions are channeled out through the tank to an exhaust-pipe like protrusion known as the vent. The efficiency of the water heater is guaranteed by sending out emissions through a pipe called the PVC which is an indispensable component of the vent.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Because tank-type water heaters store heat, electrical water heaters can be a good match for an intelligent electrical power distribution system, heating when the electrical grid load is low and turning off when the load is high.
  • In the past, water heater tanks were made out of copper and were very corrosion resistant; they could last for decades.

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