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Answers to Your Questions About Water Heaters

Due to the need to raise and maintain the temperature of water for specific purposes, the water heater was invented. With the aid of heat from a burner, the heater raises water to higher than room temperature in a way similar to fire boiling water. A lot of energy is stored up in natural gas but only a fraction of it is needed to power the device used to heat water. The principle on which water heating devices function can be imitated sufficiently by propane or electricity for those options to avail as alternatives for powering the device.

Heating water in any case costs a lot more than is wise to spend if you're using electricity or the petroleum by-product propane. Warming of water in the gas heater is achieved by heat being transferred from the burner in its isolated position below the tank of the water heater. Opening a valve on the wall close to the heater is the action that permits the pumping of gas into the heater to power it.  

Fuel taken into the water heater can be regulated by a thermostat located inside the tank directly in contact with the water so as to be able to detect the variations in temperature and perform its function by relaying this information to the gas valve. The heating element receives its initial light from a pilot. The igniter works in the same way as that in a gas grill.

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The combusted gas fumes find their way out of the heater through a venting system. The efficiency of the water heater is guaranteed by sending out emissions through a pipe called the PVC which is an indispensable component of the vent.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • The chief advantages of tankless water heaters are a continuous flow of hot water and energy savings (as compared to a limited flow of continuously heating hot water from conventional tank water heaters).
  • Modern US water heater tanks last about ten years.

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