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Residential Water Heater Facts and Figures

The temperature of water is raised by heat energy that is infused into it by the water heater. The principle of operation of the water heater is simply that of heat transfer from a source to a sink, where the water acts as the sink, and the gas is the source of energy. Gas released from the bowels of the earth with crude oil contains a lot of energy, some of which is harnessed to run a water heater. Other designs of the water heater make use of organic materials like propane or electricity.

Propane and electricity however cost too much to be used extensively for heating water. Heat taken from the water heaterís burner warms the water in the tank to the intended temperature. The wall holds a valve that opens and shuts to control the flow of gas into the water heater.  

Working from inside the tank of the heater, the thermostat is able to control the gas in the heater by linking with the valve and reducing fuel intake. Initiating the heating is done by a spark. An igniter device of this nature is found in another mechanism called the gas grill.

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Exhaust fumes are expelled from the system by a vent above the tank. The efficiency of the water heater is guaranteed by sending out emissions through a pipe called the PVC which is an indispensable component of the vent.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Point of use tankless water heaters are located right where the water is being used, so the water is almost instantly hot, which saves water.
  • The exhaust gases of combustion are cooled and are mechanically ventilated either through the roof or through an exterior wall.

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