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Residential Water Heater Facts and Figures

If you knew of the performance enhanced fan-assisted gas water heater, you will probably get one yourself, know it discharges exhaust at a faster rate through the wall. The fact that another pipe supplies cold water to the water heating system is not to be overlooked. Only after the water has been heated in the cylindrical tank is it supplied through internal pipes to the taps through which it can be used.

Some tanks actually do not have a water storage system.Water is cycled repeatedly through burners in the tankless version of the heater before being supplied by faucets to the final appliance. The operation of a tankless heater is different from that of the regular gas water heater.

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Their ability to supply water at any needed time makes them stand out. More than the regular gas water heater, a tankless version is able to deliver more hot water for less fuel pumped into it. The repeated cycling of water through the series of burners has the effect of heating the water at a slower rate than the other type of gas water heater.

Manufacturers did not design a tankless heater to hold water. Creating the tankless heater obviously was with the view to heat and direct water to appliances.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Most residential dishwashing machines, for example, include an electric heating element for increasing the water temperature above that provided by water heaters.
  • Potable water may be heated in a separate appliance: this is common practice in the USA where warm-air space heating is usually employed.

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