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The How-to's Of Water Heaters

Gone are the days when a vent has to wait patiently for the burnt out gas fumes to find their way independently fro and through the PVC pipe now that fans are now there to help. Fluids supplied to the water heaters are gas and water. One important thing to note is the way heated water flows from the cylindrical tank of the heater through the piping and via faucets to the appliances in which it is used.

Some tanks actually do not have a water storage system.In a tankless water heater, the appliance also receives heated water via a faucet, but only after it has been cycled through several burners. The absence of a tank in the revised version of the water heater introduces some complications to its operation.

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As long as water enters into the system, a tankless water heater will produce an endless output of hot water. If you are one concerned about how much energy you burn in running household appliances, then a tankless heater is your best bet. If you are someone always in a hurry, a tankless heater may not be appropriate since the water does not start heating until the faucet is turned on.

Manufacturers did not design a tankless heater to hold water. Water at the end point is used after being directly routed from the tankless version of the heater.

Interesting Water Heater Facts:

  • Because tank-type water heaters store heat, electrical water heaters can be a good match for an intelligent electrical power distribution system, heating when the electrical grid load is low and turning off when the load is high.
  • If a water heater is installed in a garage, it is recommended, and many codes require, that it be elevated at least 18 inches.

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