Direct Vent Water Heater – The Best Option?

The question always remain same when it comes to Vent Water Heater. Choosing a tankless water heater can be an intimidating task due to the vast amount of information and also the technical jargon that most consumers do not understand. One common question when selecting a tankless water heater is what type of venting is most appropriate for home or business. Below we have outlined some key information that will help you to decide what the best option is for you.

Currently, you all need water heaters for various purposes like for bathing purpose in the season of winter, for washing clothes, for washing utensils and even for the medical purpose also. If you shift simply to a direct vent water heater then you can easily save energy and money and hence can get rid of paying huge bills.Direct Vent Water Heater

Types of Vent Water Heater

Like anything with a flame, air is needed to supply the oxygen required for the combustion process to take place. With a tank less design, precise control of the airflow to the burner is essential, as is the exhaust rate from the appliance itself. If this is not properly moderated, the result can be wasted energy and higher running costs for you.

Non Direct Vent Indoor (Fan Assisted)

  • Uses an electronic fan blower to push emitted gases outside.
  • Pulls oxygen that is needed for combustion from the inside space.
  • Fan assisted indoor gas appliance design allows for horizontal or vertical venting.Vent Water Heater Info

Direct Vent Indoor (Fan Assisted Sealed Combustion)

  • Combustion air is provided to the gas burner directly from outside.
  • The heater is protected with a sealed cover which does not use any air from the space where it is installed.
  • Has 2 pipes, or one concentric pipe (pipe within a pipe) opening. These pipes run from the unit through the home; one is used for exhaust, and one for the fresh air intake.
  • Used where tight construction may cause various appliances to compete for the same air.
  • Can be vented horizontally or vertically.


  • This design is provided combustion air from the internal surroundings and propels exhaust in the same fashion.
  • These units are often recommended only for warm climates.

We need hot water in our day to day life for various purposes. So, there is vent water heater for that purpose. the need to choose good quality water heaters which are also energy efficient. Visit Water Heater Facts for more info.