Hot Water Heater Prices [Must Know]

One of the most important requirements during winter is to have an efficient water heater. It becomes even more important for the people who live in the cold climates. Purchasing a quality water heater requires a considerable amount of time because there are a wide array of manufacturers, designs and models available out there in the market, and choosing the right one for your home can be a daunting task.

Water heaters are available in various designs including Storage tank water heaters, Tankless water heater, Electric water heaters, Solar water heaters, Gas water heaters, Oil water heaters etc.

How much they will cost you depends largely on the model you are selecting and the hot water heater prices vary from one brand to another. For instance, if you select normal solar water heater then it will cost you between $ 1, 500 to $3, 500 and if you select gas water heater then it will cost you around $150 to $450.Efficient Water Heater Cost

Initial Costs of Efficient Water Heater

Buying a water heater costs $150-$3,500, depending on capacity, energy efficiency, and type. Traditional tank systems run about $100-$600 for electric and $250-$1,000 for gas. Tankless types cost $200-$1,200, from a small under-sink unit to one that delivers 5 gallons a minute. Heat pump models are $600-$2,000 or more, and solar water heaters run $1,000-$5,000 (including installation). Weigh the purchase price against the ongoing monthly expenses; the cheapest units are going to be the most expensive ones to use. The U.S. Department of Energy gives detailed descriptions of each type.

Installation cost of Efficient Water Heater

Installation runs about $200-$400 for a traditional tank model depending on size, existing set-up, fit and other factors; installing a tankless water heater can cost two to four times more if the supply lines or venting need resizing or other significant changes are required; heat pump water heaters cost about $300-$700 to install, and solar systems usually have installation included in the purchase price. It costs more to replace an old-style heater with a different system, but can save money in the long run.Water Heater Cost

Factors That Affect Hot Water Heater Prices:
1) Tankless or Traditional Design: Tankless tend to be more expensive but use less energy.
2) Fuel Source: Gas, Electric, Propane
3) Warranties and Service Plans:
4) The GPH Recovery Rating: What is the rating for the gallons per hour the system can produce? The higher the rating, the more you will have to pay.

The best long-term option nowadays available is the solar water heater because these water heaters conserve the natural gas as well as electricity too. The best part of this solar water heater is that they are durable and last for more than 40 years and require low maintenance. Though the initial cost is usually out of the price range for most homeowners, and if you do not see yourself living in that home long term you may wish to go another route.

There are certain things that you have to take into consideration whenever you decide to purchase any water heater. Firstly, you have to know your requirements. Secondly, you have to comprehend the space limitations. Thirdly, you have to scrutinize the initial hour recovery rating. Fourthly, you have to check the energy efficiency of the water heater that you will select. Lastly, you have to check the warranty period of the product.

There are numerous companies that deal in such types of the efficient water heater. Some of the reputed companies are SEDNA AIRE AMERICA’S LLC, Green Capital Group International LLC, Sunrisco Industries Inc, Sun home New Energy Trading Co Ltd, Solar Collector Inc, Korner Stone Enterprise, Nebraska Solar Solutions LLC, and AVB Corporation etc.  Have a look at other posts of Water Heater Facts